As the sales and marketing manager at Canadian Outback Rafting, I had the opportunity to develop creative concepts and to apply and develop my graphic design skills. I created the trip information flatsheets, brochures and booklets for all rafting trips and expeditions, business cards and infographics which were distributed to partners, resellers and wholesalers regionally, provincially, nationally and internationally.
2016 Rafting Promotional Card
2016 Rafting Trip Brochure
2016 Rafting Trip Information Flatsheets
2016 Rafting Trip Corporate Infographic
2017 Rafting Business Cards
2017 Rafting Trip Brochure
2017 Rafting School Program Brochure
2017 Rafting High School Program Brochure
2017 Rafting Trip Information Flatsheets
2017 Wilderness Rafting Expeditions Booklet 
2018 Rafting School Program Brochure
2018 Wilderness Rafting Expeditions Booklet
2018 Wilderness Rafting Expeditions Infographics
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